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Bioanalytics in the medical technology industry


Bioanalytical studies on analytical methods in the life sciences: biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, cell and developmental biology and medicine. In a narrower sense, biological analysis examines biological macromolecules and their changes, namely proteins, DNA, RNA, carbohydrates and lipids. By and large, it also includes low molecular weight substrates and products of the metabolism of the biological system. The tool used in bioanalysis is a device that converts physical and chemical quantities with suitable sensors or biosensors into electrical signals, which can then be recorded and recorded qualitatively and quantitatively by experimenters. The registered data can be very complex and is analyzed using bioinformatics. In addition to conventional high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with ultraviolet or fluorescence detectors, combinations with mass spectrometers (MS) are increasingly being used. The physical separation method (like the separation method proposed for the organic product manufacturing process) is commonly used to separate the required organic products from a large amount of random substances, so that the organic products can be qualitatively and quantitatively determined with a great deal of small errors . possible. Usually, the biological product must be modified by chemical modification with or without biocatalysis in order for it to be detected or separated first. In any case, due to its high complexity, biological analysis is in most cases more complicated in terms of accuracy and repeatability than classical physical and chemical analysis.

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