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Biomaterials / Implant Materials in the medical technology industry

Biomaterials / Implant Materials

Biomaterial or, in some cases, implant material are generally synthetic or non-living natural materials or materials that are used in medical technology for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes and that come into direct contact with biological tissue of the body. Biomaterials are materials that are used in medical technology. These include permanent implants or temporarily used catheters as well as dentures or framework structures for artificial tissue replacement in the field of regenerative medicine. A large number of materials are used in the medical profession and in the medical profession. The new guideline VDI 5701 introduces the definition of biological materials and related terms in the fields of materials science, biology and medicine. In general, the term refers to all materials that come into contact with the body as part of a therapeutic or diagnostic measure and therefore also includes temporary contact through external surfaces, through body pores and through externally accessible mucous membranes. However, research usually uses a narrower definition that includes only materials introduced into the body for long-term retention.
The term biomaterial refers to the material, in particular the chemical and physical, properties of the material. A characteristic of a biomaterial is a biocompatibility resulting from its properties, which includes both the functional similarity to the body's own structures and an appropriate biological compatibility in the body. In contrast, the terms implant or prosthesis describe the specific function of a medical product consisting of one or more different biomaterials with regard to a specific application.

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