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Bipolar instruments in the medical technology industry

Bipolar instruments

On the one hand, patients with bipolar disorder show increased mood accompanied by increased drive, activity and irritability, which are known as manic episodes, on the other hand, this can lead to depression and drive. Decreased energy and interest, called depressive episodes. Patients with bipolar disorder may have symptoms of depression. These episodes must last at least two weeks and have at least two main symptoms: bad mood, loss of interest, and decreased drive.

In addition, two other symptoms must appear, such as: B. Loss of self-esteem, recurring thoughts of death or suicide, cognitive deficits, sleep disorders, appetite disorders, feelings of guilt, or psychomotor abnormalities. Compared to monopolar technology, compared to bipolar technology, the current only flows through a small part of the body that requires a surgical effect (incision or coagulation). Two mutually isolated electrodes are inserted directly into the surgical site and an RF voltage is applied between the two electrodes. The cycle is closed by the tissue in between. The thermal effect occurs in the tissue between the electrodes (the tip of the forceps in the picture). If bipolar instruments such as forceps with two electrodes are used, a symmetrical operating mode should be selected to avoid body currents.

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