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Cosmetic Surgery in the medical technology industry

Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic operations and aesthetic treatments are carried out without medical indications (= no medical necessity) and according to the express requirements of patients who are dissatisfied with their body appearance or the appearance of certain parts of the body. Examples of aesthetic treatments: Use of drugs such as botulinum toxin ("botulinum"), minimally invasive methods such as physical applications such as measures to rejuvenate and change the skin, such as. B. Photorejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing, laser peeling, removal of laser wrinkles, hyperthermia and other similar applications. It is usually about correcting the problem that affects the mentally affected person and their appearance disturbs others ("healing the soul with a knife"). These include operations for cleft lip, urethral deformity, and paralysis. Since plastic surgery mainly focuses on body shape and visible movement, it needs to develop its own technique. The main characteristics are as follows: Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery in which the human body is deformed or restored. The reason can be aesthetic (classic cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery) or restorative (such as reconstructive surgery for breast augmentation after an accident or breast cancer).

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