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Cryotherapy in the medical technology industry


Cryotherapy is a medical treatment based on the common cold. Cryotherapy (ancient Greek cryogen, German ice, frost) or cold therapy refers to the use of a cold stimulant to produce a therapeutic effect. With local application of cold therapy (usually using a specific medium, e.g. a cold pack for physical therapy or liquid nitrogen for cryosurgery) and systemic cold therapy (usually without skin contact, e.g. cold air therapy or cold air therapy). Tissue damage caused by exposure to cold water is an adverse effect of cryotherapy (an ideal role in cryosurgery).

Cryotherapy is painless and especially gentle for patients. Side effects are rarely reported but, like any medical procedure, can occur in rare cases. For example, you may experience slight pain or side effects at the injection site. The process takes one to two hours, and the patient has to stay in the hospital for about three days to be observed in the hospital. Many different media (objects) can be used to perform local cryotherapy. All of this eventually leads to a cooling of the tissue due to the dissipation of heat. The possible coolants differ in their own temperature, service life and areas of application.

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