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Dental in the medical technology industry


The specialist field of dental medicine in medical technology or dental technology partially overlaps with oral and maxillofacial surgery and ear, nose and throat medicine, but also with other specialist areas, as pathological changes in the oral cavity can affect the rest of the body . Conversely, many diseases (e.g. blood diseases, cancer, infections) show symptoms, often as initial symptoms in the oral cavity.

Dental medicine deals with the examination and treatment of the oral cavity. For this reason, many devices and delicate instruments are used at the dentist. While dentists and orthodontists have direct contact with the patient, dental technicians often work in a workshop or a dental laboratory. Dental technicians produce different types of dentures, fillings, braces, as well as bite and anti-snoring splints. In doing so, they work directly with the dentists.

Dental medicine deals with the diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the jaw, teeth, oral cavity, face and scalp. In the field of dental medicine, the treatment methods are not only described for humans, but also work with animals (e.g. laboratory mice as model systems for testing new products). In addition to the field of dentistry, these are, for example, the increasingly common effects of an unhealthy lifestyle with the connection between increased drug intake and changes in the oral cavity. The dental implants are another step in the world of dental technology. They are placed in the upper or lower jaw and serve as a carrier for replacing reliable crowns or bridges. The implants are made up of various components that do not all have to be used on the patient at the same time. This allows implantation to take place as needed. We offer you high-quality products that help you to offer maximum safety for the patient.

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