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ENT / ear-nose-throat in the medical technology industry

ENT / ear-nose-throat

Ear, nose and throat medicine is a branch of medicine. It includes the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up treatment and rehabilitation of diseases, injuries, deformities, ears, noses, paranasal sinuses, oral cavities, as well as pharyngeal and laryngeal forms and tumors. In addition, she is also responsible for the dysfunction of the sensory organs in these areas, such as hearing disorders, balance disorders, odor disorders, taste disorders, swallowing disorders, sound disorders and speech disorders, and carries out a corresponding functional diagnosis. In addition, ENT medicine also includes operations in the head and neck area as well as in the esophagus and the tracheal organs in order to locate and remove foreign bodies that have been swallowed and / or sucked out. The sub-areas are allergy and regional plastic surgery. Use English instead of ENT, the abbreviation ENT (for ear, nose and throat), ORL (for ENT) is also used internationally. The areas of ENT medicine include disease prevention, detection, conservative and surgical treatment, follow-up care and rehabilitation (usually infections of the pharynx or oropharynx, ears and nasal cavity), injuries, deformities, changes in shape and tumors. Functional disorders of the ears, nose, paranasal sinuses, oral cavity, throat and sensory organs in these areas as well as sound, speech, language and hearing disorders. The activities of ENT specialists overlap with phonetics + pediatric audiology, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, neurology, orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, dermatology, allergy and internal medicine with a focus on pulmonology. Foreign bodies swallowed or inhaled under the endoscope are another task of ENT medicine. The tasks of an ENT doctor include prevention, detection, conservative and surgical treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of diseases in the ear, nose and throat area as well as changes in injuries, deformities, shapes and tumors. They are also responsible for treating sound, speech, language, and hearing disorders. The specialists in ear, nose and throat medicine cover the entire field of ear, rabbit and throat medicine (ORL).

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