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Endocrinology in the medical technology industry


Endocrinology is the "investigation of the morphology and capacity of the organs with inward emission (endocrine organs) and chemicals". Endocrine is the name given to chemical organs that discharge their item inwards, straightforwardly into the blood and, in contrast to exocrine organs (for example salivary, sebum organs), have no pipe. Endocrinology manages the accompanying sicknesses, purported endocrinopathies: panhypopituitarism, thyroid infections, diabetes mellitus (diabetes), diabetes insipidus (looseness of the bowels), Conn condition (overproduction of aldosterone), Cushing's disorder (overproduction of cortisol), Addison's illness (Deficiency of adrenal cortex chemicals), adrenogenital condition (masculinization of the essential sexual qualities in ladies), hyperandrogenemia (abundance of male chemicals), acromegaly (exorbitantly huge (terminal) appendages and goliath height), short height (because of development chemical inadequacy), hypoglycaemia, for example B. in insulinoma, parathyroid infection, pheochromocytoma, carcinoid (harmful cancer), abundance or insufficiency of sex chemicals (for example testosterone lack, feminization, hirsutism, virilism, between and transitioned way of living)

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