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General Surgery in the medical technology industry

General Surgery

General surgery is a well-defined part of surgery, including basic surgical care ("basic surgery") and some trauma, visceral, and vascular surgery. The main task of a surgeon (surgical specialist) is to perform an operation, that is, to conduct surgical treatment of diseases and injuries. Depending on their professional qualifications, surgeons can treat diseases, injuries or body deformities that require therapy or surgery. Indications are fractures, appendicitis (appendicitis), herniated disc or the use of joint prostheses.

In addition to intestinal surgery, spinal surgery is also one of the most common operations in Germany. The reason is, for example, a herniated disc. In the case of a herniated disc, the disc deforms in the spine and presses on the nerves. If the affected intervertebral disc presses on the nerve root or spinal cord, the patient becomes very uncomfortable. First, the surgeon will try to treat the herniated disc conservatively (e.g. pain relievers, physical therapy). If there is no improvement, consider surgery and the surgeon will remove the oozing disc tissue.

Inguinal and incisional hernias are also common during surgical procedures. In most cases, inguinal hernias are congenital or congenital. An inguinal hernia is a so-called intestinal hernia, in which the weak points of the anterior abdominal wall in the groin area are damaged. Incisional hernias, on the other hand, are the result of abdominal surgery. They can develop in the surgical scar area months or years after surgery. A mesh is usually used during surgery to stabilize the hernia and the contents of the hernia are transferred back into the abdominal cavity. Anyone who has completed special training in this area can quickly acquire the qualification of a second surgical specialist.

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