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Internal Medicine in the medical technology industry

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a branch of medicine that includes the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. Due to the wide range of responsibilities of doctors, no other specialist area offers as many focuses, specialist knowledge and development opportunities as internal medicine.

The expert spaces of specialization for internists remember sicknesses for specific the respiratory organs (pulmonology) of the heart and course (cardiology) the stomach related organs (gastroenterology and hepatology) the kidneys (nephrology), of the blood and the blood-framing organs (hematology) of the vascular framework (angiology) digestion and inward emission (endocrinology and diabetology) of the safe framework (immunology) of the supporting and connective tissue (rheumatology)

Inward medication likewise incorporates: Irresistible illnesses (irresistible sicknesses and tropical medication) Harming (clinical toxicology), strong growths and hematological neoplasms (oncology), the observing and treatment of truly sick patients (inward escalated care medication)

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