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Laboratory medicine in the medical technology industry

Laboratory medicine

Laboratory medicine includes counseling and assistance from physicians working in the preventive care and treatment of patients to discover disease and its causes, monitor disease progression, and morphology, chemistry, physics, immunology, biochemistry of body fluids, molecular biology and microbiology apply and evaluate research methods, their morphological components, as well as excretion and secretion products are used to record physiological features and pathological conditions and control progress, including necessary functional tests and diagnostic interventions. The field of laboratory medicine includes advice and support for those who actively engage in preventive health care and patient treatment in order to prevent, detect (diagnosis) and risk assessment (prognosis) diseases and their causes, prevent disease progression and evaluate treatment measures. This is done by applying the investigation methods morphology, chemistry, physics, immunology, biochemistry, immunochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology of body fluids, their morphological components as well as excretion and secretion products, including the necessary functional tests and manufacturing processes. The main focus of medical laboratory work is on, among other things. Clinical chemistry and immunochemistry, hematology (hematology) and hematology (blood coagulopathy), microbiology and infection serology, blood transfusion medicine and human genetics. Some of these disciplines have their own experts or other qualifications and scientific certificates (e.g. clinical chemists). In addition to serological infection diagnosis methods, in which only a few pathogens are involved (sometimes carried out within the framework of clinical chemistry for logistical reasons), there are also special methods for diagnosing bacteria and parasites as well as methods for virus diagnosis with special medical qualifications.

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