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Laboratory technology / IVD in the medical technology industry

Laboratory technology / IVD

In vitro diagnostics refers to medical devices used by manufacturers as reagents, reagent products, calibrators, control materials, kits, instruments, instruments, devices, software, or systems alone or in combination for the in vitro examination of human samples, including blood and Tissues, donations are used exclusively or mainly to provide information on one or more of the following points: a) in connection with physiological or pathological processes or conditions, b) in connection with congenital physical or mental disorders, c) in connection with certain Health conditions or specific diseases D) Determine the safety and tolerability of potential recipients, e) regarding the possible effects or possible reactions of a particular treatment, or f) establishing or monitoring treatment measures.

In vitro diagnostics (IVD) is a term used by medical devices to perform medical laboratory tests on human samples. The sample container is considered to be in vitro diagnostics. Sample containers and other medical products specially manufactured by the manufacturer are evacuated in order to obtain samples from the human body immediately after sampling and to store them for in vitro diagnosis. According to the "Medical Devices Act" (MPG), in-vitro diagnostics includes all medical or personal medical products that are used for the in-vitro examination of body fluids (such as blood), secretions and tissue samples from the human body.

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