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The term "comprehensive oncology" is not clearly defined. In general, it is used to describe the combined treatment of patients with conventional medical methods and complementary medical methods. There is usually no difference in whether or not alternate methods are included. The combination of Chinese and Western medicine understands the definition of the term, i.e. the interaction of traditional medicine is limited to the three (sociological) aspects (surgery, radiation therapy, drug therapy), psychosocial support, nutritional medicine, physical exercise, palliative medicine and KAM. Oncology is the science of the origin, development and treatment of tumor diseases. As a branch of internal medicine, it includes the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, particularly malignant diseases. In Germany, oncology is a discipline in the field of internal medicine. As a result, surgical staff and some technical oncology staff belong to different disciplines. The purpose of tumor therapy is to remove or destroy all tumor tissue (curative therapy) or, if this is no longer possible, to reduce the size of the tumor tissue in order to reduce the burden on the damaged organs (palliative therapy). Typical techniques are surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Special treatment plans for various tumors were drawn up and continuously optimized in large-scale international studies. First, a thorough examination is carried out to determine which tumor is present and how far the tumor disease has progressed (so-called staging). Use specific stages to discuss possible treatment options with the patient. Advice to patients about the most promising form of treatment according to the current state of science. Options include single or multiple chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or surgery to remove tumor tissue. Different chemotherapy drugs can be combined. Combinations of all of these three methods are also possible. There are different types of oncology facilities. An oncology clinic is usually an in-house department that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with oncological diseases. The best treatment results can be achieved through close interdisciplinary collaboration between many different experts in the fields of diagnosis, surgery and medicine, as well as radiation therapy.

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