Optical Measurement Systems in the medical technology industry

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Optical Measurement Systems in the medical technology industry

Optical Measurement Systems

Optical measurement technology are measurement processes, measurement systems and measurement methods from measurement technology that use light to determine physical quantities or directly determine the properties of light. , Analytical photogrammetry, analytical ultracentrifugation, ATR infrared spectroscopy, airborne laser scanning, analactic, image correlation, baseline (geodesy), bundle block adjustment, Cranz-Schardin method, chromatic confocal distance measurement, rotating mirror method, distance line, dynamic light scattering and geographic information, German Society for Photogrammetry, Deflectometry, thumb jump, thumb bearing, electro-optical distance measurement, single-wavelength reflectometry, envelope method, distance measurement, ellipsometry, frequency resolved optical gating, color appearance model, colorimetry, fiber-optic temperature measurement, color recognition, Foucault's cutting edge method, color sensor, focus variation, Hammodyne experiment, brightness comparison Detection, heterodyne detection, Hughes Drever experiment, Ives Stilwell experiment, International Commission on Illumination, interior and exterior ere orientation, instrument horizon, coherence radar, compensator (geodesy), tilt error, pillow distortion, collinearity equation, confocal technology, Kaufmann-Bucherer-Neumann experiments, conoscopic holography, laser scanning, laser-Doppler anemometry, time-of-flight measurement, light measurement, laser-cut cloud height meter, luminance , Lambert's law, laser reflector, laser profilometry, measuring beam, micrometer eyepiece, micrometer (optics), minimum erythema dose, nanoparticle tracking analysis, vernier, optical time domain reflectometry, oximetry, spatial filter, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, optical spectrometer, optical flow, optical frequency range reflectometry, Pericentric lens, photo sedimentation, photometric dust measurement, particle image velocimetry, phase shifting method, photoelectric measuring method, photogrammetry, plane-plate micrometer, polarimetry, quantum mec Hanseatic measurement, quantum nondemolition measurement, reflectometric thin-film measurement, reflection anisotropy spectroscopy, radiometry, relative and absolute orientation, réseau grating, spatial distance meter, Reichenbach threads, radargrammetry, X-ray microscopy, experiments by Rayleigh and Brace, directional characteristics, star sensor, star orbit, structure from motion , Stripe projection, Scheimpflug's rule, star passage, layer thickness measurement, surface pattern image velocimetry, line trace, Tolansky method, triangulation (measurement technology), thermography, telecentric lens, tracking, video extensometer, distortion, vision, non-interacting quantum measurement, wandering gap, time dilation of moving particles, gearwheel method, Time domain reflectometry, telescopic sight, target mark

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