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Osteosynthesis in the medical technology industry


Osteosynthesis is the employable joining of at least two bones or bone pieces determined to unite them. An osteosynthesis is generally completed after bone cracks for adjustment, in solidifying procedure on joints (arthrodesis) or on the spine (spondylodesis) and after osteotomies to address misalignments. More uncommon signs are adjustment for bone growths or for bone adjustment of the bone in danger of break, like B. in glass bone sickness (osteogenesis imperfecta).

The objective of each osteosynthesis is the steady obsession of the connected bone pieces to empower an early utilitarian subsequent treatment with halfway and now and again even full stacking of the decent bones. Then, at that point no further immobilization z. B. important in a mortar cast and noteworthy harm is kept away from. Moreover, the osteosynthesis ought to interface the bone sections in a right and rectified situation to keep away from misalignments, shortening and rotational mistakes. Especially on account of bone breaks with joint association ("intra-articular cracks"), a physically careful and sans step reclamation of the joint should happen to keep away from post-awful joint wear and misalignment. With an osteosynthesis an outright or relative strength of the bone sections is accomplished. Supreme strength implies that no miniature developments happen in the crack hole under physiological pressure after an osteosynthesis. This permits immediate or essential crack recuperating. Conversely, with an overall dependability there is conceivable miniature developments in the break hole and in this way circuitous or auxiliary crack recuperating through callus tissue. On the off chance that the overall soundness is deficient and the developments are excessively extraordinary, hypertrophic pseudarthrosis can happen.

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