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Dental instruments, surgical dental instruments and hand tools

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Tunneling Instruments - Periodontal
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Universal Instruments, Dental Sets
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Ring fixator according to Ilizarov
Ortho Medicor AG
Sinus Instruments - Dental
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Universal Handles - Dental
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Osteotomes - dental instruments
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Dental instruments from AZ
Schanz Medizintechnik
Bone Treatment - dental instruments
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Forceps - Dental Surgical Instruments
Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH
Anton Hipp GmbH
Dental Forceps- Extraction
SCHWERT - A. Schweickhardt GmbH & Co. KG
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Dental instruments of the area Dental

Dental instruments Products and services from the categories Dental instruments, surgical dental instruments and hand tools in medical technology or other healthcare-related industries .

A dentist uses several different dental instruments to clean teeth. The dentist uses the scaler, a tool with a hooked end, to scrape deposits away from the tooth's surface. The polisher, a tool with a small head, removes stains and debris. The dentist uses a mouth mirror to view all areas of the tooth, including the backside. The scaler is also used to make sure a dentist is not missing any areas of the tooth.

A peri-cept instrument is used to transfer materials into and out of the oral cavity. The name derives from the latin root for peri-cept instrument, which means "grab". The peri-cept instrument is commonly used to measure the depth of a periodontal pocket, which is the area around a tooth and related bone and tissue. The periosteal elevator is used to lift periosteal tissue, as well as cut surgical sutures.

A spreader is an instrument used to spread hot gutta percha into the canals of teeth to clean them. A mosquito forceps is used to insert ligature ties around odd-angled teeth. A syringe is used to wash and dry excavated teeth. Gingival knives are used to cut the gum tissue in the treatment area. The peri-cept instrument is also used to measure the depth of the periodontal pocket in millimeter increments.

Dental burs are essential for cleaning teeth and removing carious dentine. They are usually made of diamond or tungsten carbide. The three parts of the bur have blades, which are used to scrape the dentine away from the teeth. The dentist can also use an excavator, which is double-headed and used to prepare cavities. Its versatility and durability make it a popular instrument for dentists. In addition to the above-mentioned instruments, the dental surgeon also needs a medical compressor to provide power and air for the surgery.

The dental elevator is a small metal stick used to help the dentist lift teeth in their sockets. The purpose of the elevator is to prevent trauma to the surrounding area of the mouth. The instrument is also designed to let the dental assistant inject water or air into the oral cavity. The elevator is a common dental instrument that most people have encountered during regular visits to the dentist. The syringe is also used to inspect hard-to-reach areas.

A dental probe is a thin, long-thin instrument used to measure the depth of pockets in the teeth. Its purpose is to help the dentist pack the restorative material into the prepared cavity. The other two instruments are the elevator and the endodontic plugger. A medical dentist will need to use the dental probe to check the condition of the tissues surrounding the teeth. These devices are necessary for performing many dental procedures. They can also be found in hospitals.

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