A portrait of the city of Tuttlingen

Tuttlingen surprises with its diversity and opportunities. At this point we would like to offer a brief glimpse of the city Tuttlingen.

River kilometer 2747. This means that there would be 2747 more kilometres if you would row on the Danube from Tuttlingen to the black Sea. However, it is worth it to stay in Tuttlingen and explore this great city.


Living in Tuttlingen

Quiet, private oasis in the garden and nature just outside the front door? Or would you prefer an urban living environment with shops, pubs and cafes at your doorstep? In Tuttlingen you have the choice between the two. And no matter which of the options you choose: The proximity to the workplace, schools and cultural institutions, you can definitely enjoy.

Who lives in Tuttlingen, benefits from the clarity of the town as well as of the offers a dynamic center - from child care to seniors networks.

You can drink mineral water. Or you can swim in it - for example in the TuWass. The water quality of the thermal source is in fact so good that it meets the strict requirements for bottled water. Of course you can also just swim laps in it and that way do something for your health ...



Leisure in Tuttlingen

Two of the most prominent buildings in recent years at the same time also characterize the cultural life of the city: The City Gallery of Tuttlingen as a place of contemporary art and the city hall as a regionally important stage for concerts, opera, theater and literature.

Since the summer invites to enjoy summer culture and open-air festivals, there are numerous festivals: The Gauklerfest and sports event Run & Fun in the heart of the city. Summer in the Park on the edge of the Danube. The Honberg summer in the medieval castle. And the Southside Festival in the city of Neuhausen right next to Tuttlingen - one of the biggest festivals in Germany.



Enjoyment in Tuttlingen

Most of our guests enjoy the holidays in a healthy and eco-friendly way: As the station of the Danube cycle path Tuttlingen receives every year thousands of cyclists who cycle through Tuttlingen down the Danube.

For the people of Tuttlingen this means that you have one of the most beautiful long distance footpaths in Europe right outside the front door. And not only that: just behind the city boundary begins one of the most romantic passages of the Danube valley, where cliffs reach in the deep blue of the danube river. And who has seen all of it, can reach two of the most popular holiday areas of Germany within an hour - the Lake Constance and the Black Forest are just as close as the border to Switzerland or France.