The world centre of medical technology

The cluster goes far beyond the town of Tuttlingen and extends to numerous communities in the area. It is difficult to give an exact number of associated companies. Approximately 400 companies are allocated to the cluster. The vast majority of them has less than 20 employees, the largest has more than 3,000 employees.

A large part of the companies in Tuttlingen operate worldwide. More than 65% of the production is exported, mainly in the major markets in the EU and in the US, but also to South America and Asia. Even in the banking world of Tuttlingen, this situation is being reflected in correspondingly proportioned overseas departments.

Many of the companies in Tuttlingen pursue a long-term sustainable growth strategy in a growing global market. In recent years - with the exception of the year 2009 -, the number of employees in the industry raised steadily, so that there´s already a noticeable lack of skilled workers, what makes it very interesting for people from outside of Tuttlingen to work in this area.

Because of that the companies in Tuttlingen engage themselves to ensure the supply of young talents and professionals. Thus, the local companies invest a lot in training activities. A training rate of eight to ten percent is no exception in larger companies.

The metal industry of Tuttlingen has therefore a long tradition.

In the 17th century the ducal iron smelting plant was founded in Ludwigstal at the gates of the city. And even that was not accidental since there were large amounts of Bohnerz around Tuttlingen that just needed to be picked up.

In the vicinity of the smelting plant there were settlements of knife- and nailsmithys and 1866 the craft was developed in an industry. Gottfried Jetter founded a factory for the manufacture of surgical instruments and laid the foundation stone of Tuttlingens medical technology.

In addition to the medical technology there a well reputed companies in Tuttlingen that work in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive and biotechnology as well as numerous service providers. All ensure that the income of Tuttlingen lays significantly above and that the unemployment rate is below the average.

As the "world centre of medical technology", Tuttlingen is a city in which around 180 patents are filed each year and its products are exported worldwide.

The approximately 21,000 social insurance contributions are operating mostly in the manufacturing sector. At the 2nd place are the employees of the service sector. On the 3rd position are people who are working in the retail, hospitality and transportation.