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Anton Hipp GmbH

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Our products:


  • Scissors
  • Aesthetic Surgery
  • ENT
  • Neurosurgery
  • Mini-Titan-Implants MKG
  • Mini-Titan-Implants Hand Surgery
  • ERT Kerrison Rongeur System
  • ERT Kerrison Ergonomy
  • Aneurysmclip System
  • HF-Surgery
  • Container

About us top






The single company Anton Hipp was founded



6 employees; Dieter Hipp started the education to a Surgery-Mechanic



Dieter Hipp took his Surgery-Mechanic Master



New production centre in the Annastrasse was bought



Dieter and Gerhard Hipp takes over the management of the company



Start into the High-Tec-Production with Mini-Titanium-Implants for the Cranio-Maxillo-Facial and Handsurgery



More than 20 employees produce more than 1000 instruments and implants per month



The instruments and implants of Anton Hipp will distribute to all continents of the world

Corporate philosophy top

The family company took his origin when Anton Hipp started to produce Surgical Scissors in homework. After the examination of his Surgery-Mechanic-Master and after an extension of a new production center at the residential building the single company Anton Hipp was founded on 01.07.1970.
The one-man-company produced a little range of Surgical Scissors for famous medicine technique companies in Tuttlingen. The high standard of quality and the reliability ensured that Anton Hipp was well known quickly. Now the range of Surgical Instruments could be expanded to all areas of application.


In 1976 the production contains already 6 employees and Mr. Dieter Hipp, son of Anton Hipp, started the education to a Surgery-Mechanic in the company of his father. 1985 he took his Surgery-Mechanic-Master.
In this year the company was changed into a GmbH and the 2nd son Gerhard Hipp took on the commercial of the company as a studied master of business administration.
Since this date all already existing export relationships have been extended to all continents. To the manufacturing program which contains meanwhile over 400 models the sale of Surgical Instruments in the medical fields of Neurosurgery, Esthetic and Plastic surgery as well as the ENT-Surgery was added.
Highest quality requirements and the daily incitation to satisfy every customer to 100% paid off and in 1989 a new production centre in the Annastrasse was bought and nothing could stop the expansion.
From 1996 the company Anton Hip

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