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OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH


Surface treatment

Products / Services top

Over a period of several years, OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH has developed special parameters for the drag finishing, stream finishing and disc finishing processes in order to ensure fast and cost-effective surfacce finishing and consistently high quality.

Whether for finishing prosthetic items, implants or medical equipment, OTEC is on hand to ensure that you benefit from reliable results and expert customization. OTEC offers its machines in various sizes, from table-top units for efficient small series production to industrial large series – as required.

Thus OTEC machines are ideal for numerous areas of application of medicine and dental technology such as surgical implants (bone plates, bone screws and joint implants), dental implant, teeth, dental tools and orthodontic products but also for ear shells and stents in vascular surgery.

In addition to the machines, OTEC supplies the appropriate polishing and grinding media for optimal results.

Areas of application

Surgical Implants

For high-strength implant materials such as CoCr, various stainless steel alloys, as well as ceramics and plastics. Our machines create perfect surfaces with the smallest surface roughness in a system-secure and efficient manner according to the demands of modern surgery. Perfect highly polished surfaces, not even the smallest scratch and surface roughness of 0.01 μm with absolute process security, also for highly complex open form surfaces. That distinguishes the OTEC process.


For the various dentistry materials as well as very small work pieces from soft to hard. OTEC machines are perfectly suited to the demands of dentistry.

Ear Shells

For the contour-precise grinding of extremely rough surfaces, as well as for the creation of very fine plastic surfaces.

Brochure: Perfect surfaces for  Medical Technology

Certificates / Quality management top

Certificate ISO 9001:2015


About us top

Founded in 1996, OTEC has quickly established itself as the market’s technology leader by developing new machine concepts, inventions and improvements. OTEC supplies machines which are carefully tailored to the needs of specific industries and which are truly impressive in terms of cost­effectiveness, handling and precision and which are far superior to conventional systems.

OTEC machines for deburring, grinding, smoothing and polishing guarantee an efficient and perfect surface finish of e.g. prosthetic items, implants or medical equipment. Thousands of customers benefit from the extensive know-how of the technology leader OTEC in the development of a perfected interplay of machine and process media.

Around 130 members of staff employed at the company‘s headquarters in Southern Germany and a global sales network ensures excellent worldwide support and outstanding quality at all times.   

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