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PSM Medical Solutions

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The use of Mini-Anchor Screws or Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s) has become a standard of care within the orthodontic community over the past few years.

First offered in 2000, the Quattro TAD design has changed through continuous innovation to become the Quattro Quattro of today. The Quattro is designed to replicate an orthodontic bracket and buccal tube. It is the only system you can use exactly like a bracket on a tooth or a tube on a molar band. It is available in 022 x 028 and 118 x 025. Over 30.000

The Quattro-System is ideally enhanced with the new BENEFIT/ BENEPLATE-System offering exchangeable abutments and connecting plates. New possibilities in palatally anchored appliances which can be used for distilization, mesialization or unilaterally for assymetries.

The Quattro- and Benefit-Systems use the same basic instrumentation, keeping inventory manageable and cost effective.

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Precision Screw Manufacture – PSM – stands for highest quality with regards to the selection of raw materials, manufacturing technology, product design and customer service as well as for continous and intensive market research and permanent exchange of information between science and economy on one side and user and patient on the other side.

This close relationship is very important to us and guarantees a continous development of all our business activities. Periodical Quality Certifications ensure and secure this high standards.

The customer satisfaction and the long-lasting, trustful cooperation with our partners are the visible expression of this philosophy.

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Welcome to PSM Medical Solutions

PSM Medical Solutions, established 1993, was originally specializing in implants and instruments for the bony neurosurgical area. Since January 2010 the product range was extended and strategically updated. The very successful TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device) Systems  quattro and BENEfit have made PSM a worldwide remowned specialist in Orthodontic Anchorage.

In the area of palatinal anchorage the BENEfit System is the leading system worldwide.

In addition the Orthodontic Mini-Plating System Mentoplate extends the application in the mandibular region with undreamed-of possibilities.

Further to this the NEURO and ORTHODONTIC product ranges will continue to be extended with new and innovative product segments over the coming months.

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