Drilling / turning / milling technology

Subject area:Drilling / turning / milling technology

Drilling in medical technology is a machining process that is used to manufacture bores. Since the geometry of the cutting edges of a drill is known in medical technology, it counts in the division of the manufacturing processes for cutting with a geometrically defined cutting edge, which also includes turning and milling. When drilling, the tool usually rotates around its own axis and thus performs the cutting movement.
Together with drilling, milling and grinding in medical technology, turning is one of the most important manufacturing processes in cutting technology. As with all of these processes, chips are cut from a workpiece to create the desired shape. When turning, the workpiece - the turned part - rotates about its own axis, while the tool - the turning tool - travels the contour to be created on the workpiece.
Milling is a machining process in medical technology for the production of workpieces with a geometrically defined shape. As with all machining processes, material is removed from a raw part in the form of chips. Milling belongs to the group of cutting with a geometrically defined cutting edge, since the geometry of the cutting edges on the milling tools is known.