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Gynecology is the research into the prevention and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system. In a narrower sense, obstetrics can be distinguished from the physiology and pathology of pregnancy and childbirth. In Germany, however, these two subjects are taught together, and specialists in gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology also cover these two subjects. Gynecological oncology is a branch of gynecology. Large clinics have set up their own departments whose research focus is on gynecological oncology. The gynecologists working there specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of women with malignant tumor diseases. The aim of gynecological oncology is to treat women with female genital and breast cancer individually and optimally and to further develop research in this area. The research goal of gynecological oncology is to optimize existing treatment methods and investigate new therapies in order to extend the survival time of affected patients or to improve the chances of recovery. To this end, cancer patients can participate in clinical research to benefit from the latest research. Cancer specific to women are not uncommon. According to cancer statistics, breast cancer is not only the most common type of cancer in women, but also the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Due to the continued development of breast cancer treatments, including in certified breast cancer centers, the prognosis for breast cancer is now very good. To diagnose and treat cancer in women, the Department of Gynecological Oncology can use modern imaging techniques, minimally invasive techniques for specimen collection or surgery, and the latest generation of drugs. An important part of gynecological oncology is also the restoration of the female body. Cancer, in particular, can result in the loss of the breast, vagina or genital area due to the need for surgery. In plastic reconstruction, self-prepared intestinal materials (mainly natural) and the body's own materials can be used to restore female breasts (breast reconstruction) or to reconstruct artificial vaginas.

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