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Boeger-Therapie, die NarbentherapieTraining seminars & training for therapists on the subject of the fascia system / scar therapy

Training seminars & training for therapists on the subject of th...

Academy - train yourself where others go on vacation

With advanced training at the Swiss Academy for Boeger Therapy®, you can update your knowledge and become a specialist in adhesions in the fascia system.

Boeger Therapy - Systemic Scar Therapy


Increase your professionalism through advanced training seminars at the Swiss Academy for Boeger Therapy. The pleasant learning atmosphere is characterized by friendly, cooperative and competent interaction. The special ambience near the lake makes the advanced training courses at the SAB in Romanshorn a short vacation.

Meet the steadily increasing quality requirements in physiotherapy by specializing in the fascia system. In addition to the legally required training for physiotherapists, training at the SAB offers you new professional opportunities. The therapy of scars and adhesions in the fascia system is still a largely neglected therapeutic area. It can become a unique selling point for you.

The tried and tested techniques of the advanced training courses in the field of physiotherapy are designed as modules and can be completed with a diploma.

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