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Welcome at DIALUNOX

We are a team of experts offering solutions for point of need instrumentation. Most of our systems use optical or fluorescent based detection technologies.

Whatever your question is - our answer is “Light to Insight”


Who we are

DIALUNOX brings light to the darkness. We operate as a strategic engineering partner for the development of complex measuring devices and as a manufacturer of compact rapid test readers. DIALUNOX delivers the precise illumination and detection of fluorescence or reflective samples needed across a wide range of measurement parameters.

The company's approximately 70 employees develop, test and manufacture measuring instruments directly at our headquarters in Stockach, near Lake Constance.

Co-location of consulting, development and production departments guarantees short cycle times from idea to finished product.
DIALUNOX develops its products according to regulatory guidelines for in vitro diagnostics and enables customers to obtain approval for their products quickly and easily.
DIALUNOX customers are predominately in the fields of point of care diagnostics, food analysis or environmental analysis with a need for customized measuring instruments for their tests.
DIALUNOX Light to Insight

The production department, organised according to the latest aspects of LEAN management, handles individual orders with small quantities and series production with equipment of up to 200 per month, all at the same high quality.

Excellent customer service is also important to us after delivery of the product. For this reason, we employ experienced engineers in our service department who know our customers and the detailed special features of their individual device.


Quality made in Germany

Quality and care characterize our products – and have done so for more than 22 years. Our philosophy is based on transparency towards our customers and precision engineering.

Whether you are looking for a rapid test reader, a highly sensitive measuring device, or a custom-made optical component, we will design your desired product with the utmost care and dedication and bring it to series production readiness.


For Our OEM Partners

At DIALUNOX we recognize that rapid decision-making at the point of need is becoming more and more important in medical diagnostics, food and feed analysis, and environmental testing. With 20 years of experience in the production of highly sensitive optical measurement devices, we provide essential development support. From concept to series product manufacture, our multi-disciplinary experts make sure our OEM Partners get to the right solution quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • ESEQuant Flex: Lateral Flow Reader made easy
  • ESEQuant LR3: Powerful & flexible solution for fluorescence labeled lateral flow tests
  • ESEQuant TS2: Isothermal amplification reader for 12 samples
  • Fluo Sens Integrated: Compact fluorescence detection
  • DIALUNOX Engineering Services: You have the Idea - we develop your product



DIALUNOX GmbH > Zertifikate

DIALUNOX is certified to ISO 13485 and is an FDA-approved contract manufacturer

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