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DIGImed Medizintechnik

Kreutzerstrasse 1
78573 Wurmlingen

0049 (0) 7461 / 9101172

EN ISO 13485 / EG-Richtlinien Zertifikat 93/42/EWG

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DIGImed Medizintechnik

DIGImed Medizintechnik

Digi-MED Medizintechnik was founded in Wurmlingen in 2004 . We are a specialized manufacturer of surgical instruments and implants .

We work with the latest production technology and the most modern CNC machines . All production processes are constantly checked and monitored according to strict guidelines.

Due to the close cooperation with our customers, users and scientists at home and abroad, the entire delivery program is constantly being expanded and adapted to the needs and requirements of the market using the latest technology.

World center of MedTec

Thanks to the cooperation with well-known manufacturers in our Tuttlingen area, we can offer you almost a complete solution of medical instruments and implants.

Products from the following areas are therefore covered by manufacturers from our region:

- Standard surgical instruments

- Cardio-Vascular

- ENT instruments

- neurosurgery

- microsurgery

- Bipolar electrodes / forceps

- osteosynthesis

- laparoscopy

- Dental

We specialize in the manufacture of implants made of steel and titanium. Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our product portfolio is constantly being expanded. 

Our product range includes the following areas: orthopedic and traumatological implants and instruments, titanium locking plate system (small and large fragment), polyaxial hand and foot system, maxillofacial systems, titanium mesh.

Our "MADE IN GERMANY" implants are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technologies and the most modern CNC machines. All production processes are constantly checked and monitored according to strict guidelines.

Your team and management from Digi-Med Medizintechnik Wurmlingen / Germany



Product range

Titanium Locking Plate System (for small and large bone fragments)

- Polyaxial plate systems

- Polyaxial hand and foot systems

- Orthopedic implants

- Traumatological implants and instruments

- Herbert screws

- HBS  screws

- Snap-off  screws

- Maxillo face systems 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm (CMF)

- Mandibular system 2.3mm, 2.7mm

- IMF  screws

- Orthopedic drills and threads

- Sterilization containers - systems and accessories

Product Brochures / Product Catalogs

Product Brochure General Instruments / Product Catalog Standard Instruments

Product Brochure Osteosynthesis / Product Catalog Osteosynthesis

Product Brochure Osteosynthesis 2 / Product Catalog Osteosynthesis 2

Product Brochure Titanium Locking Large / Product Catalog Titan Locking Large

Product Brochure Titanium Locking small / Product Catalog Titan Locking small

Product Brochure Maxillofacial / Product Catalog Maxillofacial

Product Brochure Maxillofacial Meshes / Product Catalog Maxillofacial Mesh

Product Brochure Power tool / Product Catalog Battery / Air Drill

Product Brochure Micro Instruments / Product Catalog Micro Instruments

Product Brochure Cardio / Product Catalog Cardio

Product Brochure ENT / Product Catalog ENT

Product Brochure Dental Instruments / Product Catalog Dental Instruments

Product Brochure Ophthalmology / Product Catalog Ophthalmology

Product Brochure Sterilecontainer System / Product Catalog Sterilecontainer System

Product Brochure Plaster saw / Product Catalog Plaster saw

Product Brochure Vacuum for Plaster saw / Product Catalog Extraction for plaster saw


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