The regulatory requirements of ISO 13485 (and ISO 9001) include internal audits. Value-added audits can help to identify ineffective processes, ensure compliance with standards and identify improvements so that you get enough security in an audit by an external body.

The standards also require that the internal auditors have the necessary skills, which you will acquire in this seminar.

Our lecturer Andreas Kalchschmid-Lehmann trains auditors from a notified body himself.

goals challenges

Internal audits are often viewed as a necessary evil and neglected, and there is often resistance to internal audits to deal with. Effective, internal audits help to improve your system and thus significantly support the success of your company.

You know your organization better than anyone. Things that you question and evaluate in the internal audit will help your organization to meet the necessary standards to produce high-quality, marketable and safe products.

learning goals

This seminar is intended to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to carry out effective audits as an internal auditor, also as part of supplier audits,

You will learn, among other things:

  • Overview of the contents of ISO 19011:2018 (guidelines for auditing management systems) and aligning your audit process accordingly.
    • to create a standard-compliant audit program,
    • prepare the individual audits sensibly, set priorities and ask the right, important questions,
    • to document the individual audits in an audit plan,
    • to carry out the audits safely and to react appropriately even in difficult situations,
    • to document the results of internal audits in accordance with standards, so that your company receives valuable input for improvements,
    • evaluate the audit results correctly (deviation – potential for improvement) as well as
    • to initiate sensible and target-oriented corrections and corrective measures and to track their implementation
Use internal audits, learn to audit

Use the potential of internal audits to identify and eliminate weak points in your company. Improve your processes so that they become effective and efficient.

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