Solution for deburring and polishing small and micro parts

Refine edges and surfaces with micro slide grinding

The surface processing of small and very small parts as they occur in medical technology, micromechanics or electronics requires special know-how. Because the parts have a low weight and standard grinding wheels are often too large to penetrate the contour of the small parts. In order to be able to deburr such parts perfectly and to be able to polish the surface to a high gloss, Polyservice has developed special micro-abrasives over decades of research . These consist of metallic materials such as stainless steel, copper or bromate and are manufactured with their own punching tools in a precise shape and within tight tolerances. These grinding tools together with an abrasive powder and a liquid vibratory compound are the tools for machining small parts. But of course you also need a correspondingly powerful machine to produce a stable deburring or polishing process.

The low weight of the parts makes processing difficult, which is why high grinding forces have to be applied to achieve an optimal result. This is where satellite centrifugal technology comes into play. With this technology, the workpieces are loaded into closed containers. These rotate at high speed like a planet and thus ensure even grinding of the workpiece contour. The results can be varied in a variety of ways using the parameters tool, speed and machining time, and the optimal process can be defined.

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