BVMed autumn survey: MDR and Corona plague the medtech industry

(MTD / October 8, 2021) BVMed presented the key results of its autumn survey on the situation of MedTech companies. Corona and the MDR are putting their stamp on the industry.

Basically, the medical technology industry has recovered slightly from the corona crisis year 2020 with a lockdown and a sharp drop in sales. 57 percent of the medtech companies surveyed expect better sales this year than in the previous year. This is a slight recovery compared to the first year of the corona crisis, but does not yet come close to the values before the corona pandemic of over 70 percent. On the other hand, a quarter of the companies surveyed expect a decline in sales. At over 11 percent, the declines are even in the double-digit range.

After a decline in sales of 2.1 percent in the previous year, an average increase in sales of 3.0 percent is expected from the weighted sales figures of the BVMed companies in the German market. In the years before Corona, this value was regularly over four percent. With an increase of 3.1 percent, the expected global sales development is at the level of the domestic development.

87 percent of the BVMed companies surveyed see the MDR as the greatest obstacle to the future development of the medical technology industry. Above all, it is about the obligation to provide comprehensive clinical data and longer conformity assessment times due to resource deficits at the notified bodies. So it's no wonder that the MDR is at the top of the to-do list when it comes to health policy demands.

70 percent of MedTech companies are in favor of a simplified recertification of tried and tested existing products under the MDR. 39 percent of the companies would like funding programs for SMEs to implement the MDR.

A detailed report on the BVMed annual press conference appears in the November issue of the specialist journal MTD .

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