The shortage of skilled workers has long since become a labor shortage. Every company must – more than ever – invest in its attractiveness as an employer. Young people in particular, Generation Z, will think carefully about who they really want to work for. They will measure companies based on whether they really live New Work, transparency, diversity and participation.

Managers are the most culture-shaping thing a company has! It is therefore particularly important to reach exactly this target group and raise awareness of your own employer brand. A company's leaders will decide whether employer branding will be successful or fail.

Topic overview

  • Employer branding basics: What is employer branding and what characterizes a special employer that people enjoy working for?
  • Why employer branding: drivers, influencing factors and MEGA trends on the job market
  • Leadership and its impact on employer branding: What does this topic have to do with me as a manager and what influence do I have on it?
  • Generation Boomer, X, Y, Z: Needs and influences on leadership culture
  • Internal and external employer branding: employee retention and employee recruitment
  • Difference and interaction between employer branding and personnel marketing
  • Employer branding and new work – is one possible without the other?

target group

Managers, department and team leaders, managing directors and human resources managers.

Prior knowledge

Not required.

Funding opportunity

ESF funding is possible. Further information can be viewed here .

Early bird discount

If you register up to 3 weeks before the start of the seminar, you will receive an early bird discount of 10 percent.



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