Tuttlingen - The “talks on the future go into the next round. On December 9th, the successful event format will take place in attendance at the Rottweil power station. This time it's about visions that will occupy the medical technology industry, but also everyone personally, in the next 10 to 15 years. The keynote speaker of the evening is futurologist Dr. Jörg Wallner from the think tank “2b AHEAD ThinkTank”.

After the discussions of the future could only take place online last year due to the pandemic-related restrictions, they will take place again this year as a face-to-face event: On December 9, 2021, the Rottweiler power plant will address the topic of visions from 5:00 p.m. MedicalMountains Managing Director Yvonne Glienke takes a look at the evening and this year's plans in an interview.

How can you imagine the talks about the future?
Yvonne Glienke: Talks about the future is an event format from TechnologyMountains e. V. and MedicalMountains GmbH. This format is always about future topics in order to broaden the perspective with new input and to create space for new ideas. The talks on the future are usually designed as a major event, so that, of course, the focus is also on networking.

What added value will the conversations of the future offer guests?
Yvonne Glienke: The guests receive impulses for their own work as well as for their own company. For entrepreneurs in particular, it is important to think outside the box to see where things are going in the next few years, what is important and what will then be relevant. With the talks on the future, we offer the ideal platform to be inspired by the keynote speakers, the panel discussion and the mutual exchange.

What can the guests expect from this year's talks on the future?
Yvonne Glienke: This year the topic will be visions. A vision is directed towards the future - we are talking about the next 10 to 15 years, so viewed relatively broadly. Visions therefore fit perfectly with our event format Talks on the Future. We bring light into the dark when it comes to what power a vision has, what conclusions can be drawn from it and what strategy and objectives can be developed for the company from it.
Our keynote speaker this year is futurologist Dr. Jörg Wallner from 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. He deals with megatrends and future topics, as well as with vision processes and can give us good tips on how we can all successfully head into the future with a common vision. Here we expect strong impulses from Jörg Wallner.
In keeping with the theme of the evening, we would also like to present the results of our vision process for the medical technology industry. In five workshops and events spread over the year, the participants from the medical technology industry have or will deal with the megatrends of the future and work out vision elements. We show the guests what we have done so far, where we are now and what advantages companies can derive from it.

Why should you definitely take part in the talks on the future on December 9, 2021 at the Rottweil power plant?
Yvonne Glienke: First of all, we are very pleased that we can again plan the talks on the future as a face-to-face event this year - after we had to switch to an online format last year. A network event like the talks on the future simply works best in presence: you finally meet again and spend a nice evening together in a great atmosphere. In addition, you take with you very good impulses for yourself and the company for the future. And we are also looking forward to meeting everyone again on the same platform.

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