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Oehm und Rehbein GmbH (OR Technology)Stationary and mobile X-rays for human medicine

Stationary and mobile X-rays for human medicine

Amadeo Z motorised

The compact U-arm X-ray system is motorised and designed for low ceiling heights from 2.40 m. Five electric motors allow effortless and accurate positioning of the stand and ensure a wide range of exposures. All radiological settings can be utilised, as well as automated whole spine and whole leg exposures (stitching). All important settings and operating operations are carried out via an integrated 10" touchscreen display console. Frequently used unit positions can be predefined on the 60 available programme slots to ensure fast positioning on the patient.

The digital CsI X-ray detector and the removable grid ensure the best image quality for all images. Intelligent collision sensors guarantee maximum patient protection. Features such as remote control, asynchronous shifting of bucky tray and X-ray tube, easy alignment through automatic 0° position of bucky or stand etc. complete the swivel bracket system.

The optimised workflow saves time and personnel resources. The entire system is controlled via our professional acquisition and diagnostic software dicomPACS®DX-R.

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Amadeo S motorised

Motorised digital U-arm X-ray system for all applications in diagnostic radiography

The Amadeo S motorised is a motorised U-arm X-ray system for the production of all diagnostic projection radiography images. Both its compact design and the minimum ceiling height of only 2.40 m make the system perfectly suited for small rooms. It includes all necessary components and functions for digital X-ray without cassettes: motorised U-arm system, generator, X-ray detector, PC and the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software.

The very flexible and partially motorised positioning of the stand allows a wide range of images to be acquired. These can be taken on sitting, standing or lying patients (table optional). All important settings and operating operations are performed via an integrated 10" touchscreen display console.

Both bucky tray and tube can be rotated and thus allow very variable X-ray settings. All necessary device positions can be pre-defined on the 60 available program slots to ensure quick positioning on the patient.

The high-resolution, digital CsI X-ray detector, the removable grid and an active grid recognition system ensure best image quality for all images. Intelligent collision sensors ensure patient protection by interrupting the movement in case of possible patient contact or contact with objects in the X-ray room. Features such as stitching to create whole leg and whole spine images, child filters etc. complete the advantages of this system.

The Amadeo S motorised is controlled by our powerful X-ray acquisition software dicomPACS®DX-R. The software enables a very simple and intuitive operation and the automatic setting of all necessary parameters.

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Amadeo R System motorised

Motorised, universal X-ray system with bucky table and wall stand

The Amadeo R motorised is a versatile, motorised X-ray system with bucky table and wall stand, which convinces through simple control and handling. An intuitive 10" touch screen display simplifies system operation. The digital X-ray system is suitable for all X-ray exposures in sitting, lying and standing positions and has approx. 60 semi-automatic preset positions of stand height, alignment and SID.

X-ray staff quickly become familiar with the procedures and the use of our professional acquisition and reporting software dicomPACS®DX-R. The X-ray tube and bucky tray of the grid wall stand are designed to be lowered to the floor. The X-ray tube follows automatically if there are no objects in the way. The 6-position height-adjustable X-ray table has a high load-bearing capacity so that even larger patients can be examined without any problems.

The universal X-ray system requires only a small footprint without restricting full functionality. A wide range of options, such as motorised auto-tracking, the wireless 3-way foot switch for all motorised functions, the integrated safety functions or the removable grid on the table or grid wall stand, also enable work in highly frequented radiology departments.

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Amadeo T Systems

X-ray system for taking thorax and other X-rays of standing and seated patients

Simple operation and handling of the Amadeo T X-ray system guarantee fast training of the X-ray personnel and guarantees perfect lung and other X-ray images of standing and seated patients. The entire system is controlled by our professional acquisition and diagnostic software dicomPACS®DX-R. The compact design of the X-ray system allows installation in the tightest of spaces.
All images of sitting or standing patients can be taken effortlessly. The X-ray source and the bucky drawer of the grid wall stand can be lowered to the floor. Options such as motorised auto-tracking can optimise work.

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Amadeo C Systems

Digital, motorised X-ray system with best auto-positioning technology, ceiling mount, height-adjustable patient positioning table and Bucky wall stand

Due to the special ease of movement, supported by auto-tracking and APR positioning, the ceiling mount can be moved quickly, efficiently and effortlessly to the desired position (pre-programmable). The Amadeo C X-ray system can be optimally adjusted to various spatial circumstances. The height-adjustable four-way floating table top with motorised vertical lift is the ideal support for all routine examinations. Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity paired with the large sensetive area, obese and large patients can be examined without repositioning. The wall stand can be set up free-standing and is equipped with an electromagnetic brake. The entire torso can be examined thanks to the large travel range of the Bucky diaphragm. 

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Amadeo M-DR mini System

Wireless, digital X-ray imaging with a lightweight and portable complete solution for ambulatory and inpatient care

The advanced design of the Amadeo M-DR mini series is characterised by a sophisticated reduction to essential components and functional operating elements. The system is designed for both portable use and bedside examinations in hospital intensive care units. The Amadeo M-DR mini can easily be transported due to its low overall weight and compact build.

The Amadeo M-DR mini system includes all necessary components such as X-ray detector, X-ray generator and image processing workstation. The latter is delivered with our globally proven acquisition and diagnostic software package that includes a convenient X-ray positioning guide for fine adjustments.

With the compact  Amadeo M-DR mini system, it is possible to obtain X-ray images not only of the extremities, but of all regions of the trunk, including thorax, spinal cord, abdomen and pelvis. Our modern digital X-ray system can be employed whenever it is not possible to quickly transfer patients to a hospital for diagnostic radiology. The Amadeo M-DR mini was specifically developed for doctors and first aid services in remote and inaccessible locations, medically oriented aid organisations, as well as ships and offshore platforms.

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