Tools and injection molded articles against Corona

We can deliver: molds like parts.

Dear customers, partners and interested parties,

The changed situation worldwide requires new perspectives, new approaches and, if necessary, a rethink.
We are prepared for this and would like to encourage you to keep your production going with us!

Thanks to extensive precautionary measures, construction and production continue to run almost unchanged.

In this way, we can serve existing and new customers promptly and reliably as usual.

Do you need help quickly because your production and supply chains are interrupted?
We are at your side constructively and productively.
We help you out and on, because solidtec stands for design, mold making and production from a single source and under one roof. In the middle of Germany.

You can reach us by phone at T 06071 9229-0 or by email to

"Faceshield" mass production within 24 hours

Social Distancing - what separates us socially at the moment brings us emotionally closer than ever before.
Offers of help are springing up everywhere and ideas are being developed, including at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, where 22 students founded Protection Impuls within just 5 days.

Their goal: to produce as quickly and as widely as possible aids to protect those who are currently working on the front line and do their best every day to maintain the supply of the population.

The fact that many private individuals are currently using their 3D printer to supply clinic staff with hangers for face masks was what gave the young company, under CEO Klaus Novak, the idea for their product "Faceshield".

Why not produce protective masks industrially in the shortest possible time and in large numbers? But what if most of the toolmakers and injection moulders requested by Protection Impuls need weeks to deliver?

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Multigrabber online shop has started !!

Little helpers, big impact !!

Moving without contact is now very easy - thanks to our practical everyday aids, door grabbers and multigrabbers ! Avoid touching surfaces, whether at home, at work or on the go.

Opening doors, pushing shopping trolleys or operating buttons without a bad feeling - our door and multi-grabbers make it possible. Small, handy and versatile, they accompany you hygienically on your way through the day.