3D printed metal bike

Admittedly, it's amazing what has happened in additive metal manufacturing over the past five years. When we entered this technology with VMR in 2015, the successful development was mapped out to this day, but not really foreseeable. Within four years, one system became five and at the same time several projects were made ready for series production. That is precisely why we are a little proud today of what we have achieved during this time.

As an expression of our technical capabilities, we put a bicycle with an additively manufactured aluminum frame on the wheels for Formnext 2019: not an easy task if you have no experience in the construction of a bicycle. But our technical equipment with special software designed for additive construction, mature and reliable machine technology and all the "trappings" has succeeded, as we think, quite well. Last but not least, our committed and competent employees have made a significant contribution to the success of this project.

In the aftermath of the fair, we were also recognized by the well-known 3D printing blog “3D natives” (www.3dnatives.com). The internet magazine with around 600,000 readers per month rates our bicycle frame as one of the top 5 3D printing applications at this year's Formnext. The result is all the more remarkable because more than 860 exhibitors from all over the world took part in the fair.

Just as we have succeeded in this implementation, you will also succeed in implementing more and more additive components in the future. Push your own limits of feasibility upwards. We would be happy to support you in this. With all our skills, our possibilities and our employees, we pull together with you.

Video: Top 5 3D Printing Applications at Formnext (3D Natives)

Video: Building our 3D Printed Bicycle (VMR)

Video: Contribution to our bike in the state show Baden-Württemberg, from the end of the 22nd minute (SWR)

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