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WHB-Markiersysteme GmbH

"Marking is our DNA!"

With over 30 years of experience in the sector of marking technology, we see ourselves as your reliable partner for all common marking solutions. Our product portfolio includes the classic electrolytic marking with the necessary marking devices as well as all accessories, needle embossers and scribers, marking lasers as well as the associated services such as contract laser marking. In addition, with our innovative WHB UDI Marking System (to the product), we offer our customers in the medical technology sector tailor-made, standard-compliant verification solutions according to ISO/IEC TR 29158 (AIM DPM) for their marking process, thus preparing them ideally for future legal requirements and regulations.

About us

WHB Markiersysteme GmbH was founded in 1987 by Bernd Bächle and Lothar Witzig. At the beginning the activities focused on electrochemical marking, which was common at that time.

The development and production of marking devices was pushed and the necessary plant equipment for the production of marking stencils was purchased. In addition, the two founders intensively dealt with the composition of the necessary electrolytes and neutralytes in order to provide customers a perfect marking result.

In the early 1990s, laser technology for marking applications came to the fore for the first time. Extremely bulky, lamp-pulsed laser systems enabled previously unimagined marking results. At this time, the exclusive partnership with the manufacturer of the marking lasers in our product portfolio, which continues to this day, was established. Since then, all further developments in the field of laser technology have been successfully pushed forward together. The diode-pumped solid-state lasers that followed the lamp-pulsed systems were replaced by compact, low-maintenance fiber lasers in the mid-2000s. These form the current base of the existing laser systems and are available up to the ultra-short pulse laser, which sets new standards in marking technology.

In 2017 the development of the innovative WHB UDI Marking System has been started. Due to the early recognition of the market development, a complete verification system, which meets today's customer requirements, is already available.

Since the beginning of 2020, the second generation of the family, Sebastian Bächle and Thomas Witzig, the sons of the founders, have been with the company. Both will take over their fathers' tasks in the medium term and continue the family business.

Certificates / Quality Management

To meet the high expectations of our customers as well as our own requirements, we maintain a quality management system. In this context, we place special emphasis on quality assurance and control of our products and services as well as on their continuous improvement. Our goal is to satisfy our customers 100% with the services we provide.

Our quality management system is based on the principles of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical devices) and is certified according to those two standards.

In addition to the anchored quality idea, flexibility and reaction speed are among our strengths and enable us to emphasize customer orientation as one of our USPs.

Marking laser

Our modular housing variants offer the right space for every type of marking article. Our lasers can be equipped with fiber, short pulse and ultra-short pulse sources, depending on the selected housing variant. All laser sources are based on the latest fiber technology and achieve 100.000 operating hours without any costly maintenance. To the showroom

WHB UDI Marking System

The WHB UDI Marking System was developed with the focus on customers in the medical technology sector and supports the implementation of a valid marking process in the context of UDI marking.

Our verification system, consisting of a camera unit and PC application, ensures the accompanying verification and enables process validation through database-supported record keeping and detailed quality reports. Interfaces to common ERP and laser systems make the application universally applicable and manufacturer-neutral.

Errors in the marking process are thus a thing of the past. To the showroom

Marking systems (Electrolytic)

Our Scriptographs or signing devices form the heart of the electrolytic marking process.

Different size options make it possible to provide the "right" marking device for every application. By extending the manual basic versions by means of a pneumatic set-up, electrolytic marking can also be used up to series production. To the showroom


All necessary accessories for the electrolytic marking process are part of our product portfolio. Among other things, a large part of our electrolytes are based on in-house formulas and are perfectly matched to the respective fields of application. In addition to the electrolytes, we also offer neutralytes, hand stamps, marking felts, stencil band printers, stencil bands and more. To the showroom

Contract laser marking

Our machinery includes marking lasers of all laser sources. The used lasers are all based on fiber technology. With our 20 years of experience, we are able to realize even complex job marking on standard fiber lasers, short pulse lasers and the innovative ultra-short pulse laser. Therefore we are able to mark all common anorganic and many organic materials.

The creation or adaptation of labelling files, taking into account customer-specific labelling instructions, is also part of our service range.

Stencil production

We have the necessary plant equipment as well as know-how for the realization of customer-specific stencils. From standard stencils to special sizes and cup stencils, we can produce any desired variant.

The graphic design or revision to ensure a suitable stencil design is also part of our service spectrum.

Software development

In the context of our WHB UDI Marking System we realize any specific changes or additions based on customer requirements / customer wishes. In addition, we are happy to support the integration of our verification system in any system environment (deviating from available standard interfaces).

In case of complex marking tasks, we are happy to create suitable sequence programs (system requirements must be given).


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