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Marking laser by WHB-Markiersysteme GmbH

Marking laser

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All marking lasers in our product portfolio are based on the latest fiber technology. They are therefore extremely low-maintenance, which eliminates high maintenance and repair costs. The modular design of our housing variants offers the right space for every marking article. In addition to the standard fiber laser source, the short pulse and ultrashort pulse sources are available for the TowerMark and CompactMark series. Within the scope of contract laser marking, we also realize markings for you with all variants of laser sources. An ultra-short pulse laser is also available for the service scopes in order to offer our customers already today the trend-setting Black Marking technology and to realize the associated angle-independent, corrosion-free black marking.

Advantages of fiber technology at a glance:

  • performance efficient
  • high pulse power stability
  • maintenance free
  • better beam quality
  • service life approx. 100,000 h
  • air-cooled no wearing parts due to rotating parts (pump, cooling, etc.)
  • more compact and lighter
  • less susceptibility to pollution from the work environment

Advantages of short pulse technology at a glance:

  • reduced heat input into the material
  • increased throughput due to shorter labeling times
  • improved corrosion resistance
  • clearly sharper and high-contrast marking image (depending on the material)
  • wider usage spectrum
  • no to minimal surface damage to the material
  • controllable melting of plastics

Advantages of ultra-short pulse technology at a glance:

  • no heat input into the material ("cold" processing)
  • increased throughput due to shorter labeling times
  • angle-independent black marking
  • maximization corrosion resistance (passivation can be omitted)
  • no to minimal surface damage to the material

Further, detailed information about our marking lasers can be found below:

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