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Signature technology by WHB-Markiersysteme GmbH

Signature technology


Electrolytic marking represents the classic, manual or semi-automatic marking process. The process is based on a surface transformation on electrically conductive materials. In a marking time of approx. 1-4 sec. a permanent, effective advertising or functional marking is created. A stencil, a carbon stamp, electrolyte, the control unit as well as possible extensions are required.

Advantages of electrolytic marking:

  • abrasion resistant
  • acid-proof
  • seawater resistant
  • heat resistant
  • no deformations
  • no burrs
  • inexpensive
  • Possibility of high-contrast (black-light) marking

Electrochemical marking is particularly suitable for small series, prototypes as well as for sample parts of tools and instruments up to series production by expanding to semi-automatic machines. In contrast to highly complex marking lasers, the process can also be introduced very easily and without extensive know-how.

Marking devices including accessories

The heart of electrolytic marking is formed by our marking devices. The modular concept of the Scriptograph SG100 - SG150 series allows the use of manual devices, which can be expanded to a semi-automatic system without the need for conversion. If a semi-automatic expansion of the system can be ruled out from the outset and only a small amount of marking is required, the SG Junior series is the right choice.


We realize marking templates customer-specific according to your wishes. From logos to consecutive numbers in all sizes, the template for your inscription can be implemented.

Neutralyte / Electrolyte

Electrolytes are available for all common materials and refined surfaces.

Our application list is available on request at any time. If none of our standard electrolytes is suitable for your application, we will also find a tailor-made electrolyte composition for your marking application.

Printers and Tapes

With our marking tape printers you can ensure the highest flexibility for your markings. The portable devices show their strength with constantly changing markings (e.g. consecutive numbers) and small series. ELECTROLYTICAL MARKING can be realized using the corresponding marking tapes, as well as self-adhesive labels using the corresponding label tapes. Our marking tape printers are available with pre-configured settings, so that the intuitively operated devices are immediately ready for use.

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