China UDI Database (CUDID) - Class III registration updated deadlines

The Chinese authorities have confirmed all remaining Class III Devices will have to be registered in the CUDID (NMPA UDI database) by 1st June 2022 - 8 months from now.

atrify has had live connections with the CUDID for years now. The registration process in place leverages the GDSN (a proven global GS1 standard to exchange product information) to connect to the CUDID. The data model required for China consists of 92 attributes, 18 of them being mandatory.

If you are selling Class III medical devices to China and need therefore to comply with this new deadline for registration, we are at your disposal to provide you both with the expertise and the technology to be compliant with your registration obligations.

China is one of the many UDI regulatory database and Trading partner connection that you can reach thanks to the atrify technology and services, such as the GUDID, EUDAMED, or the Chinese customs. atrify quickly helps you to become CUDID compliant and enables you to effectively register your devices in CUDID. For more information, please contact our team of experts.

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