How can data be sent to German GPOs via the HCDP? - with atrify via the GDSN

What is the best way to share data with German GPOs connected to HCDP? Use atrify and the GDSN

Sharing data with Group Purchasing Organizations has long been tedious and time-consuming for healthcare manufacturers. Each GPO had different requirements and different formats and attributes made transferring product data error-prone and a lengthy process.

Two years ago, 4 GPOs developed the HCDP Portal to retrieve product information from manufacturers, based on GDSN, the GS1 standard to exchange Product information. “GS1 GDSN also means product content is uploaded, maintained and shared automatically, ensuring other trading partners beyond the HCDP also have immediate access to the most current and complete information”, as explains the GS1 GDSN success story*. Ensuring the consistency between German GPOs and GDSN has been a key objective of the entire German community, facilitated by GS1 Germany, with the active support of atrify and their community of manufacturers. By using GDSN and atrify to connect to HCDP GPOs, manufacturers can leverage a standardised solution already used by many other GPOs and hospitals in Germany and other countries. And the cherry on top, the atrify solution beyond the GDSN connection with your trading partners, also supports direct M2M connection with EUDAMED and other regulatory UDI databases across the world. .

atrify offers the connection via GDSN conveniently via manual web UI or automatically machine-to-machine. Request afree consultationand our healthcare experts will assist you in docking your company to the HDCP.

*”Facing data issues and digitalisation, these German Group Purchasing Organisations chose GS1 GDSN”, GS1 AISBL 2021.

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