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endorepair GmbHCertified repair services of ultrasonic probes and replacement probes

Certified repair services of ultrasonic probes and replacement probe...

endorepair has evolved in the last 2 years and prepared another repair branch.

During the two quiet pandemic years, we trained our technicians and were able to officially announce at the beginning of 2022: endorepair now repairs ultrasound probes!

This start was preceded by many trainings, repairs and investments until we dared to take this big step.

Today you can already have the following types of probes repaired at endorepair:

    Standard ultrasound probes
    3D / 4D probes
    TEE probes

The list of manufacturers we repair is also quite impressive:

    B & K
    and many more.

Your device type has not been included so far? Just ask us about it, so far we have almost always been able to help!

Of course, we would also like to support you in this area as usual with loan units during the repair. We currently have over 300 different ultrasonic probes in stock.

It is clear to us that this can only be a beginning. Therefore, if your type of device is not in stock, we will try to organise a loaner device at short notice (within 1-2 days) and make it available to you.

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