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voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH

Duderstädter Strasse 14
40595 Düsseldorf

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voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH
Duderstädter Strasse 14
40595 Düsseldorf

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Founded in 1983 by Hans W. Eifeler and acquired by voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH in Vienna at the end of March 2013, the voestalpine eifeler group of companies has been the specialist for over 30 years when it comes to the refinement of surfaces. Nearly 400 employees work at six national locations (2x in Dusseldorf, Schnaittach, Ettlingen, 2x in Salzgitter) for an annual turnover of over € 50 million. Further locations in more than ten countries continue to lead the company's success abroad. Voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH offers various processes and layers in the B2B segment. In our spatially independent Competence Center for Medical Technology in Düsseldorf, we coat only medical instruments with our own PVD arc and sputtering systems and develop medical coatings for you according to your individual needs.

You benefit from the following advantages:

Independent building, with ...

  • Material flows only for medical substrates
  • Own goods receipt and quality control
  • High personnel coating know-how
  • Special medical coating portfolio
  • Exclusive coating systems from our own production
  • ISO 13485 certification.

Voestalpine eifeler Coating GmbH strictly separates the coating of your medical instruments from the coating of tools to ensure optimum quality and safety.

Corporate Philosophy

Our competence:

We are one of the leading suppliers in the field of high-tech coatings and specialize in the refinement of tools and components. In addition, we offer the development, construction and sale of vacuum systems worldwide for our customers from various sectors and segments. We develop coating solutions for you and high-quality, innovative plant technologies that are unique on the world market.

Our mission:

By precisely coating and refining surfaces, we increase the performance and life of your instruments, tools and components, thereby not only optimizing your productivity, but also contributing to the sustainable and responsible use of resources and our environment.

Product / Service Portfolio

Our core areas of competence are:

  • PVD coating systems
  • PVD plant construction
  • CVD coating systems
  • Heat treatment including vacuum hardening technology and plasma nitriding
  • Laser technology
  • Polishing technology


  • Laser Technology

Service providers

  • Surface Processing


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