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FesMed Instruments

Roras Road, Nowl
51310 Sialkot


ISO 13485:2012, CE

FesMed Instruments

FesMed instruments, is the leading manufacturers of finest quality surgical instruments and accessories in Pakistan. We have a large customer base which comprises of private hospitals and clinics internationally; namely UK, USA and Germany among the many.

The mix of traditional skills and modern day knowledge of our experts enable us to quality manufacture surgical instruments that set a class apart, tailored to meet the changing demands of modern surgery. We offer prompt and dedicated services to customers, emphasizing on quality and cost-effectiveness in order to deliver products on budget and in time. Our commitment to quality is fulfilled based on continuous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process, which has placed us at par with international standards.

Our philosophy is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and give them all the professional assistance they might need.

We at FesMed believe a highly qualified staff builds trust in a company. With a constant and steady growth the company now has a workforce consisting of employees and contractors.



The journey of FesMed instruments, began with the endeavors of our grandfather Mian Allah Dita back in the year 1908 as the company ‘A.S.K Surgical co.’ came into existence. Before the subcontinent had partitioned, Mr. M A Dita helped the British doctors service their surgical equipment, merely with the help of a grinding stone. Still at a young age but with a considerable knowledge of the instruments, he developed a vision to foresee a business opportunity. Days and nights of toil, hard work and innovation led him to the manufacture of scissors, forceps and tweezers, and later the demand of his instruments marked the beginning of his company ‘A.S.K Surgical co.’.

The business flourished immensely and was passed onto generations, us being the 3rd generation in this field. This was a simple and inspired beginning of FesMed Instruments. With a single-minded objective of ‘providing high-quality instruments for health and happiness of the world’ Today, FesMed Instruments, operates out of a purpose built manufacturing base in the City of Sialkot, From the solid foundations created by our forefathers, the business has built a reputation for first class superior quality of surgical instruments in Pakistan.

Gynecology, Retractors, Rhinology, Scissors, Orthopedic Instruments, Dermatology HygieneAnesthesia & L. Scope, Dressing & Tissue ForcepsDiagnostics, Urology Instruments, Splinter Forceps, Extracting Forceps, Impression Trays, Hemostats, Orthodontic Instruments, Amalgam Carrier, Matrix Retainers, Aspirating SyringesNeedle Holders, Rubber Dam Instruments, Bone Curettes, Bone Files, Bone Chisels, Fishing Pliers, Fishing Scissors, Barber Shears, Cuticle Nippers, Corn Cutters & Tip Cutters, Hoof KnivesDehorning Instruments, Equine Instruments, Restraining Equipment, Teat Instruments,Hair Thinning Scissors,

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