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Tuttlingen - Weltzentrum der Medizintechnik

"Nowhere are there as many medical technology companies as in the Tuttlingen region. It should be between 400 and 500, nobody knows their exact number and the number is constantly increasing. The Tuttlingen-based company is often envied for this unique selling point. The German press is full of praise for the city and the Tuttlingen region and its medical technology. In this book, this world center of medical technology, which is also called a cluster, is described in detail with its most important companies and protagonists. Six contributions by renowned scientists and the writer Martin Walser on medical technology topics in the broadest sense complement the committed presentation of this unique cluster of medical technology companies. Because of the many topics addressed in this book, it claims to be more than just economic history about the medical technology cluster Tuttlingen.“ .

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Stil. Stärke. Storz.

"What shaped and moved the entrepreneur Dr. H. c. mult. Sybill Storz to this day - as company boss and current chair of the board of directors? What happens to the endoscopy to which she dedicated her life? How does it tackle tasks of considerable complexity? Most of their answers are in a nutshell because the thought has already been thought through to the end. Impressive, informative, but also entertaining: This is how we come across the biography of Sybill Storz, which was compiled by journalist Susanne Offenbach.

Sybill Storz grants a rare and very personal look at her life as an entrepreneur. This special picture of life is a varied dialogue about the future, the present and the past, which illuminates your life stages, formative encounters and milestones of the company. With a large number of unpublished pictures, a visually unusual text and picture book was created."

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