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3D metalprinting DMP 350 / 500
GF Machining Solutions GmbH
CNC milling machining centers
Bühler Metallbearbeitung GmbH
Spine Instruments
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Aurora® Features & Applications
NDI Europe GmbH
Mazor X surgical guidance system
MPE Deutschland
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Tube shaft instruments
Corrosion protection
Hermann Bantleon GmbH
Medical Panel PC for Panel Mounting
TCI - Gesellschaft für technische Informatik mbH
Capping DNA sample vials
Afag GmbH
Mallets Instrumts
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Electroplating and P VD services
Heimerle + Meule GmbH
axyprotect MED | DLC coating
AxynTeC Dünnschichttechnik GmbH
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Suppliers, also known as sub-suppliers, are companies or entrepreneurs who provide parts for the production process. If the term is used for the entire economic sector, it refers to all companies that do not manufacture any finished products themselves. In modern production, the supplied parts usually make up a large part of the overall product and thus the entire added value. The supplier group includes semi-finished product manufacturers, contract manufacturers and finished product manufacturers. An industry-specific supplier is the medical technology supplier. The regulatory peculiarities of the medical technology industry are not only reflected in the complicated approval process, but also in the requirements for quality management. A consistent quality management process must be established from the supplier to the manufacturer - in many cases the law even requires certification. At the same time, the industry structure enables suppliers and manufacturers to work closely together and have direct relationships. Modern medical technology is very complex and hardly any manufacturer can completely map the value chain. Manufacturers therefore rely on the development and production capacities of professional suppliers. In recent years, Germany has thus offered component manufacturers and service providers a stable growth market for everything to do with digitization and software.

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