Category overview



Dental instruments

Amalgam carrier Dental Apex locators Dental Band setter Dental Brackets orthodontics Calipers Dental contra-angles Dental curettes Dental drill Dental excavators Dental fragment removal instruments Dental handpieces Dental impression spoon Dental root canal filling devices Dental surgical hammer Electrosurgical units dental Extraction forceps Dental Files endodontically Handles for mouth mirrors Instrument sets for dental surgery Lever Dentale Messer Dental Milling cutters Mirror Dental Mouth Guard & Tooth Alignment Mouth gag Orthodontic instruments Orthodontic rubbers Osteotomes Other dental instruments Pliers Dental Pliers for orthodontics Plugger Dentale Probes Dental Retractors Dentals Root Elevator Dental Scaler Dentale Schnitzer Dental Scissors dental Spatula Dental Syringes Dental Tooth files Dental Tweezers Dental

Dental laboratories

Cuvettes Dental Dental laboratory mixer Dental micromotors Dental technology handpieces Dental wax knife General dental laboratory equipment Polishing lathe Dental

Dental practices & offices

Amalgam separator Binocular loupes Compressors dental medicine Dental headlights Dental implants Dental monitors Dental operating room lights Dental software Dental sterilizers Dental suction systems Dentures Dental Disinfection systems for dental hygiene Impression caps Dental Materials Dental, dentistry Screwdriver Dental Screws for implants Sterilization container for dental instruments Sterilization trays for dental instruments Sterilizing cassettes for dental instruments Washer-disinfectors dental



Blood testing instruments Endotoxin tests Molecular Biology Reagents Molecular biology analyzers Molecular biology software Molecular biology software modules

Infrastructure & facility

Air purifier for laboratories Alternating climate cabinets Battery test cabinets Cabinets (laboratory) Cleaning and disinfection devices (laboratory) Climatic cabinets & climatic chambers Constant climate cabinets Drying and heating cabinets Growth cabinets Incubators (laboratory) Laboratory Equipment & Consumables Refrigerated incubators Safety drying cabinets Source container Standard incubators Ultra low temperature freezers Water purifier (laboratory)

Laboratory medicine / IVD

Bacteria & germ identification systems Biochemistry analyzer Blood coagulation meters Blood glucose monitoring systems Blood testing instruments Endotoxin tests Hematology analyzers Laboratory analysis systems Microbiology equipment Point-of-Care (PoC) analyzers Rapid testers & rapid tests Reagents Test strip readers, test strips

Pharmaceutical industry

Clean rooms and facilities Pharmaceutical industry packaging systems Pharmaceutical industry software Pharmaceutical industry test systems filter systems

Physico-chemical analysis

Chromatography software Protein analyzers Spectrometry software

Sample management

Bioindicators Blood bank centrifuges Centrifuges Laboratory automation systems Laboratory beaker Laboratory centrifuges Laboratory container Laboratory cooler Laboratory freezers Laboratory labeler Laboratory microcentrifuges Laboratory refrigerators Test tube

MedTech equipment

IT & telemedicine in healthcare

Blu Ray, DVD, CD burners Cloud computing MedTech remote robot Medical APPs, software, applications Medical apparatus Medical keyboards Monitors & Screens Other IT devices & IT solutions PACS Patient data management systems (PDMS)

Infrastructure MedTech

Air filter units Air filtration systems Building equipment & furnishings Floor polishing machines Medical compressors Medical waste containers Medical waste treatment systems Mobile & stationary vacuum cleaners Room air systems Water purification devices & systems Water treatment systems Windows and doors for healthcare facilities

Intensive care

Dialysis Devices

Medical education and training

Simulation software Specialists training Training / Education material and books Training software

Medical industry

3D scanner for medical technology Filling machines Label printer Milling machines for medical products Packaging machines for med. Products Packaging technology Sensors

Monitoring of patients

Pulse oximeter Spirograph

Morgues & autopsy

Autopsy saws

Orthopedic surgery and traumatology

Joint surgery & implants

Cutting templates Finger joint implants Interference screws Knee prostheses Surgical suture material made of titanium

Orthopedic surgical instruments

Arthroscopes (arthroscopy) Bone Drill & Bone Mill Bone cement (Ortho) Bone punches, gouge pliers and rongeurs Implants and devices Matrices Operating tables (Ortho) Orthopedic instrument sets Orthopedics cutter Reamers Screwdriver for orthopedics Shaver Surgical motors Surgical navigation systems (Ortho)

Spine Surgery & Implants

Laminectomy Osteosynthesis stabilization systems Pedicle Screws & Pedicle Screw Systems Vertebral retractors

Trauma Surgery & Implants

Arthrodesis plates Arthrodesis screws Brackets (bones) Compression plates (bones) Compression screws (bone) Cranial implants Distractors External fixer Intramedullary nails (bones) Skull fixation systems

Surgical department

Anesthesia & Resuscitation

CSE cannula system Cannula system Cannulas for atraumatic spinal anesthesia Catheter and cannula for epidural and caudal anesthesia Injections, infusions Laryngoscopes Puncture cannulas Thoracic catheter Ultrasound guided injections Ventilators Wound infiltration

Disinfection & sterilization

Air purification & air disinfection Autoclaves & Sterilizers Devices for disinfection and cleaning Disinfection booths Disinfection systems Heat sealing machines Hygiene stations Instrument tray Ozone generators Sterilization baskets Sterilization cabinets Sterilization container Sterilization of medical devices Sterilization wire baskets Surface disinfectant UV lamps UV lamps, UV - C radiation Ultrasonic baths Washing and cleaning of medical products

Implants & prostheses

3D printing implants ANEURYSM CLAMPS Active surgical implants Bone plates Bone screws Dental implants Elastisches Titanimplantat Eye implants Hand and foot implants Hip implants Implant systems joint implants Implant systems traumatology Implants / Prosthesis in general Innovative surgical implants Knee implants Neuroimplants Shoulder implants Special implants Spinal implants Stents and vascular prostheses Surgical suture material made of titanium Veterinary implants

Operating room

Ceiling supply units Endoscope cameras Foot holder Holistic OR equipment Leg holder & foot holder OR cameras OR headrests Operating lights Operating room surgery monitors Operating theater headlights Other devices for operating theaters Other operating table accessories Penis saws & ring saws Small surgical lights Smoke evacuation Storage trays for instruments Surgical containers & stands Surgical fastening straps

surgical instruments

ANEURYSM CLAMPS Abdominal wall specula Aesthetic surgery instruments Argon beamer Arthroscopy Punch Arthroscopy instruments Biopsy instruments Bone Drill & Bone Mill Bone forceps Bone spoon Bulldog clamps Cannulas Carbide scissors (TC / Supercut) Clamps & Pliers Clamps (arthroscopy) Coagulation devices Components for surgical instruments Control devices for micromotors Cryosurgery instruments Curettes Custom made surgical instruments Dental instruments Dermatology instruments Disposable instrument sets Drill wires ENT instruments Electrosurgery forceps Electrosurgery handles Endoscopy forceps Endoscopy instruments General surgical instruments HF electrosurgical devices Hand and foot instruments Handpieces & Contraangles Surgery Hard metal instruments Heart, thoracic and vascular instruments Implantology instruments Instrument sets Knives & scalpels Laparoscopic instruments MIC instruments Micro scissors Micro tweezers Micromotors Needle holder Neurology instruments Nitinol components and instruments Ophthalmology instruments Orthopedic instruments Powertools & cordless drills Punch & Forceps Biopsy Retractors Rhinoscopy instruments Scissors Screw removal Sewing needles Sinuscopy instruments Sliding shaft instruments Steel instruments Suction & flushing devices Suction instruments & irrigation instruments Suction pumps Surgical laser TC tweezers Thorax VATS sugical instrumentes Titanium instruments Tweezers Tweezers ophthalmology Urology, gynecology, obstetrics instruments Veterinary instruments bipolar instruments

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