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Ophthalmology is the study of the eye. This branch of medicine has several sub-specialties. A sub-specialist ophthalmologist specializes in a specific part of the eye or group of people. They are skilled in performing delicate surgeries on the eye. The ophthalmologist performs almost every aspect of care for the eye. Ophthalmology has a long history, starting with the Greek physician Aristotle. Aristotle dissected animal eyes to discover the layers of fluid in the eye. He also discovered that the lens of the cornea and the sclera congealed after the animal died.

Undergraduates interested in a career in ophthalmology usually major in chemistry or biology. Although some medical schools will admit students with just three years of undergraduate coursework, most medical schools require four years. The ideal time to study for the MCAT is during your junior year of college. The MCAT assesses your general knowledge of science. It has sections that assess your understanding of various aspects of ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology is a career that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Undergraduates often major in biology or chemistry. While some medical schools accept applicants with only three years of undergraduate coursework, most require four years of college and a bachelor's degree. To prepare for the MCAT, students should begin studying during their junior year. The MCAT is a test that measures basic science knowledge. This test is administered by the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to evaluate applicants' abilities.

Many ophthalmologists specialize in a particular area of eye care. They are more skilled at treating a particular group of patients or addressing more complicated problems. A specialized ophthalmologist will usually complete a two-year fellowship training to further their education. During the fellowship, they will study diseases and injuries of the eye and may conduct surgery or cryotherapy. A few doctors focus on a particular type of disease.

The ophthalmologist will have a variety of skills. Board certification in ophthalmology is necessary for privileges in the major health care institutions. They must also complete additional training in different ophthalmology subspecialties. This training will take many years. The more advanced the subspecialties, the more advanced the surgeon will be. Some of these professionals will work in other fields, such as ophthalmic robotics.

Ophthalmology is one of the most important branches of medicine. Using innovative technology and advanced techniques to improve the eye's health and reduce pain is one of the most important aspects of ophthalmology. For example, macular imagers can be used to diagnose conditions in patients with a retinal detachment or with a traumatic brain injury. A retinal imager is an ophthalmic device that allows access to the retina.

Ophthalmologists can also work in research and clinical practice. After graduating from medical school, an optometrist can start practicing in a chain store or set up their own practice. Some optometrists even become professors in ophthalmology schools and conduct vision-related research. These two fields of medicine are connected to each other and allow for one-on-one interaction between doctors and patients.

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