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We are endorepair GmbH

Your partner for the technical maintenance, repair and sale of flexible endoscopes, ultrasound probes and other technical-medical devices.

Worldwide endoscope repair service and trade

Endorepair is an international company. In addition to Europe, we also supply customers in Eastern Europe, the Arab world and America. We are the leading service provider in the field of flexible endoscopy. Around 2500 endoscope and probe repairs are carried out for over 200 customers every year.

Endorepair maintains partnerships and commercial relationships with customers, partners and distributors around the world.

Our repair services Request a repair!

Professional and cost-effective repair services for flexible endoscopes, ultrasound probes and their peripheral devices. Including allocation of loan and rental devices.


Our sales products To our products!

Purchase high quality used endoscopes. Benefit from our versatile endoscope accessories. With the purchase and disposal of old devices.

Our training courses Our training courses!

Training with practical tips for damage prevention when handling medical endoscopes. On request also directly at your place!


We look forward to your contact request!


Mr. Müller is your contact for marketing and sales in our medical technology shop.


  • Sven Mueller
  • Argelsried field 12
    82234 Wessling
  • +49 (0)81 53 / 88 92 7 – 18
  • +49 (0)81 53 / 88 92 7 – 27
  • vertrieb@endorepair.de

Mr. Etrich is your sales contact in our medical technology shop.


  • Hans Jürgen Etrich
  • Argelsried field 12
    82234 Wessling
  • +49 (0)81 53 / 88 92 7 – 21
  • +49 (0)81 53 / 88 92 7 – 27
  • vertrieb@endorepair.de



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