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Medical departments

Medical departments


Anesthesiology anatomy Andrology Angiology / angiography (vascular diseases) Arthroscopy Audiology Autopsy Bioanalytics Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biomedicine (Biotech) biophysics Biopsy Bronchoscopy Cardiac surgery Cardiology Care chemistry clinical research Colonoscopy Colposcopy Cosmetic medicine Cosmetic Surgery Cryotherapy Cystoscopy Dental Dermatology Diagnosis Duodenoscopy ENT surgery (head and neck surgery) ENT / ear-nose-throat Electromedicine Emergency medicine Endocrinology Endoscopy Enteroscopy Esophagoscopy Eye surgery Forensic medicine Gastroenterology Gastroscopy General Medicine General Surgery geriatrics Gynecology Hand surgery Hematology Histology (microscopic anatomy) Human biology Human genetics Hygiene and environmental medicine Hysteroscopy Imaging Systems Immunology Implantology In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) Infectiology Intensive Care Internal Medicine Laboratory medicine Laparoscopy Laryngoscopy Life sciences Microbiology Minimally Invasive Surgery Molecular Biology Nasal surgery Nephrology Neurology Neuro Surgery Nuclear medicine Occupational Health Oncology Ophthalmology Jaw surgery Oral and maxillofacial surgery Orthopedy Osteosynthesis Otoscopy Palliative medicine (pain therapy) Pathology Pediatric surgery Pediatrics Pharmacology Pharyngoscopy Physiology (physiotherapy) Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Pneumonology Podiatry (podiatry) Proctoscopy Prosthetics Psychiatry and psychotherapy Psychosomatic medicine Radiation Medicine (Radiation Therapy) Radiology Rectoscopy Medical Rehabilitation Rheumatology Rhinoscopy Sinuscopy Sonography (echography and ultrasound) Spinal Surgery sports medicine Telemedicine Thoracic surgery (chest) Toxicology Traditional medicine Transfusion medicine (blood donation, blood preparations) Traumatology Tropical Medicine Urethrocystoscopy Urology Vascular surgery Veterinary Virology and Infection Epidemiology Visceral surgery (upper and lower abdomen) Wound Treatment

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