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Bajonett Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Foramenotomy Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Micro Scissors
Schmid Medizintechnik GmbH
Mastoid Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Surgical Instruments
Anton Hipp GmbH
Pituitary Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Fixation- Instruments
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Needle holders
Love-Kerrison Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Neurosurgical instruments
DIMEDA Instrumente GmbH
Microsurgical instruments
AS Medizintechnik GmbH
Electrosurgical instruments
DIMEDA Instrumente GmbH
medical bees GmbH
PRO-MED Instrumente GmbH
PRO-MED Instrumente GmbH
Raney Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH

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Neuro Surgery

Neuro Surgery

Neurosurgery is a medical discipline. In Germany it is classified neither as surgery nor as neurology, but it is part of these two disciplines. It is a surgical treatment for damage or disease to the peripheral or central nervous system. The operation on the brain includes operations for tumors, bleeding or infarcts as well as operations for traumatic brain injuries and vascular malformations. Alcohol drainage disorders (hydrocephalus) can also be treated with temporary drainage, permanent drainage, or endoscopy. On the spine, herniated discs, spinal canal genes, tumors (including other tumor foci that grow in the body, bone tumors, connective tissue tumors, nerve tissue tumors or meningiomas) can be surgically removed by removing diseased, narrowed tissue. Peripheral neurosurgery is used to treat bottleneck syndromes (such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar sulcus syndrome, melody syndrome, and meibomian tunnel syndrome, etc.), neuromas, and to restore nerve continuity through emergency care immediately after an injury or transplant. Neurosurgery is a discipline in the field of surgery that encompasses the detection and surgical treatment of diseases, deformities and (consequential) injuries as well as other damage to the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. This also includes proper preliminary examinations, conservative treatment methods, and rehabilitation.

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