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DEWIMED was founded in 1978 by Jobst von Dewitz and his wife Sybille.

The company specialized in the distribution of medical products from the beginning. It was necessary for these products to be of an above-average quality in order to meet the high demands of doctors.

From the beginning, a very close relationship was maintained between doctors, hospitals, suppliers and manufacturers in order to meet the high demands of medical technology.

After great success in Mexico, DEWIMED Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in Tuttlingen in 1993 to expand business globally.

The DEWIMED Group now has two plants in which dental instruments are also manufactured according to the high German standards.

REMA has been part of the DEWIMED Group since 2014 and has been manufacturing endoscopic instruments of all kinds, especially for minimally invasive interventions.

"Quality is not an act, its a habit."

Quality as an attitude to life - all of our employees share this important quality with me, a consistent and personally motivated commitment to uncompromising quality.

And at DEWIMED, quality is not only defined by us, but primarily by our customers. Since we maintain a constant and direct exchange with our direct and indirect customers, with the doctors and nurses, the clinic directors, the sterilization and service personnel and many others, we are always aware of the potential for improvement of our products and our services.

This philosophy forms a key point in our understanding of quality - the permanent willingness to accept new challenges and thus make an already very good product even better. "

(Jobst von Dewitz - founder and owner of the DEWIMED group)

Traditional craftsmanship with surgical precision

Over the past few decades, Tuttlingen has achieved wide-ranging fame in the traditional craft of surgical mechanics. Nearby mines, which offered first-class raw materials, paired with the exceptionally strong awareness of quality and precision of the Tuttlingen-based instrument makers, resulted in a "Medical Valley" over the years - the home of most of the well-known manufacturers of surgical instruments as well as the DEWIMED headquarters.

Passion for long-lasting high-tech materials

Nationally and internationally standardized, only the best steel compositions are used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. The majority of our specialists have invested a lifetime to train themselves in the special requirements of instrument production and so we only work with a special selection of hardened chrome alloys in order to achieve high mechanical strength with excellent functionality. Steel with sufficient corrosion resistance can only be achieved with a chromium content of 12.5%.

We at DEWIMED have the same passion for highly specialized and noble materials as we normally know from the art of goldsmithing - and so every single DEWIMED instrument is treated like a piece of jewelry.

DEWIMED is committed to the importation, sale, manufacture and distribution of medical instruments, equipment and supplies. With more than 40 years of experience, it has established a reputation as a reliable supplier for the health sector, both public and private, mainly characterized by the quality of the products offered and the service provided for the maintenance and repair of the different medical devices and instruments.

Please contact us directly:

  Valentina Petraroli
  Area Sales Manager

  Phone +49(0)7462 923 93 18

  Sarvar Karimov
  Area Sales Manager

  Phone +49(0)7462 923 93 45

  Michael Schick 
  Area Sales Manager

  Phone +49(0)7462 923 9344


  DEWIMED Medizintechnik GmbH

  Unter Hasseln 14
  78532 Tuttlingen

  REMA Medizintechnik GmbH

  In Breiten 10
  78589 Dürbeim


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Complete portfolio of general surgical instruments

  • General surgery
  • Aneurysm clips
  • Arthroscopy
  • surgical instruments
  • Dental instruments
  • Endoscopy
  • ENT
  • Orthodontics
  • Microsurgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • laparoscopy
  • trauma
  • and many more

Dewilux - operating theater lights with aluminum housing

Sterilization container

  • in all sizes + accessories
  • Valve, barrier or PTFE filter system



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